OpenWrt 10.03.1 dnsmasq.conf for gPXE

Last modified by Quentin Conner on 08/02/2013

Nov 13 2011

In the latest version of OpenWrt backfire version 10.03.1 the OpenWrt development team has added many new capabilities for configuring dnsmasq and the many options related to DHCP.

Dnsmasq in OpenWrt can be configured to support iSCSI and gPXE without resorting to creating a dnsmasq.conf file as I did in the 10.03 OpenWrt release.

The following link has the dnsmasq configuration syntax for the 10.03.1 release of OpenWrt.

This link has details on the dnsmasq daemon command line options.  It provides insight to use of the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file, if you choose to use it.

The syntax of /etc/dnsmasq.conf changed between 10.03 and 10.03.1 because dnsmasq changed versions from 2.52-2 to 2.55-6.

The 10.03 OpenWrt gPXE post can be referred to and the new dnsmasq.conf excerpt is below:

# required by old versions of gPXE (e.g. the one that comes with OracleVM)

# MAC-specific tags
dhcp-mac=set:ECS,00:14:aa:bb:cc:dd       # ECS mobo / Socket AM2 Athlon
dhcp-mac=set:SLI,00:11:bb:cc:dd:ee       # Asus A8N-SLI mobo forcedeth / Socket 939 Athlon X2

dhcp-match=set:OTHER,175            # tags the request with OTHER if the gPXE option was supplied in DHCP request

dhcp-option=175,8:1:1          # turn on the keep-san option to allow iSCSI-capable OS installation


## Last match wins!

#dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0                  # ONLY SET IF want gPXE to run script or chain-load pxelinux
dhcp-boot=tag:#OTHER,gpxe.0             # Here #OTHER means 'not OTHER': i.e. the tag is not set
#dhcp-boot=tag:ECS,sanboot-test.gpxe   # run gpxe script

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